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Curriculum vitae

                                                                                                                   Who is Dr.RasoulAzizi, MD

Rasoul Azizi, MD, 

(Colo-RectalSurgeon,  (Colon and RectumSurgery

             ,Medical sciences ofTEHRAN University

,Hemat highway




primary-kamal school

,Secondary-pahlavi highschool


:Medical education

,tabriz-iran, ObtainedM.D. in 1973

:Graduate Clinical andfellow experiences

,Postgraduate medicaleducation; medical science of Iran University, Tehran-iran,

Completed requirementsfor general surgery in 1981

,Thesis: portal-systemicshunts in esophageal varicose veins treatment,

Pediatric surgeryfellowship for fifteen months in Mofid children hospital 1981-1982,Tehran-Iran,

Colorectal surgeryfellowship at the university of California, Los Angeles, during the period fromsept 1, 1997 to April, 30, 1998,

:Academic positions

,Instructor in surgery,phirozgar general hospital, 1990-2000

,Associate professor ofsurgery, Tehran University, school of medicine-present

,(Head & chairman ofsurgical group, Tehran University, school of medicine, (2005-2007

,He had passed theE.C.F.M.G. examination in 1973

,He's E.C.F.M.G.identification # 0-179-023-7

:Present HospitalAppointments

,Attending Surgeon,Hazrat-e-Rasoul Medical Center

,Consultant colo-rectalsurgeon, Naft general Hospital, Tehran - Iran

(Consultant colo-rectalsurgeon, Bank-e-Meli general Hospital, Tehran - Iran, (2000-2006

,Colo-rectal surgeon,private Pars Hospital, Tehran - Iran

,Colo-rectal surgeon,private Iranshahr Hospital Tehran - Iran



(National pre-Board ofsurgery Examiner, (1998-2004


:Committee Appointments

(Medical Advisorycommittee, Hazrat-e-Rasoul medical center, (2003-present

(General surgery Residentselection committee, (1995-1998)

,(General surgeryresidency committee, Tehran University of medical sciences, (2002-present

(Director, generalsurgery residency, (2002-present


:Medical and Academicsocieties

Iranian medical council,membership#12322

Iranian Association ofsurgeons, membership #1436

American society ofcolon and rectal surgeons (ASCRS), membership # 6729

European society ofcolon & rectal surgeons membership

,(Mediterranean &Middle Eastern Endoscopic surgery Assiciation (MMESA)



He actively practice incolo-rectal surgery since 1997-present, before that time he had practicedin   gastro-intestinal surgery,

Performed about 15800elective surgeries and attended approximately 4900 emergency cases in sixdifferent  hospitals, (1981-present),

Performed operations inthe Iranian mobile army surgical hospitals for eight months, (Iran Iraq ,war



Statistical analysis andconsideration of anatomic location incidence of stomach carcinoma inFiroozgar  general Hospital,

Research and experiencesin stomach and esophagus carcinoma operations, and reconstruction withcolon  interposition in more than 50 cases, (1984-1989), Tehran - Iran,


,Comparison of surgicalwith Rubber Band ligation in treatment of internal hemorrhoid  


Research and experiencewith Botulinum toxin for treatment of chronic anal fissure. Comparetwo-dose  regimen with 25 and 50 units of toxin and analysis effects,


,Comparison between theeffect of topical Diltiazem & topical GTN in the treatment of chronic analfissure


Experience with staplinghemorroidectomy in more than 150 cases and STARR operation in 104 cases


Experience and analysisof rectal tumor surgeries with double stapling & hand sewing techniques inmore than 420 cases,

,Experience & ongoingstudy with Ultroid (Hemoron) in treatment of internal hemorrhoids

Ongoing study &research with 2500cGY preoperative radiation in rectal tumors, (short courseradiation

,Experience & studywith Appandecostomy for large bowel irrigation in stomates



Esophagus & stomachreconstruction with colon interposition in Iranian association of surgeons,1992 Tehran - Iran,


Esophageal carcinoma andtranshiatal technique complications .  G.I. Tract disorders conference,1992 Semnan - Iran,

Intraperitoneal softtissue tumors, case report in soft tissue tumors conferance, 1993 , Tehran -Iran,

Breast cancer duringpregnancy & lactation in the Iranian conference of obstetric &gynecology 13-18 Nov 1993 ,

Vascular Rings (dysphagyLoseria) in Iranian association of surgeons 1994, Mashhad - Iran,

Lecture about rectalcancer incidence in Iran, annual meeting of Iran University, Medical Sciences,Tehran - Iran, 31 Dec- 2 jan,2002,

Lecture and participatein panel discussion about ano-rectal disorders, annual meeting of IranUniversity, Medical Sciences, Tehran - Iran, 15-17 feb, 2003,


Lecture and participatein panel discussion about recto-vaginal fistula, 5th international congress onobstetric & Gynecology, Dec 8-11, 2003 Tehran - Iran,

Lecture and paneldiscussion about lower GI bleeding in second annual meeting of Iranianassociation of surgeons, 4 Mar, 2004, Mehr Hospital, Tehran - Iran, 

Lecture and participatein panel discussion about colon injuries, annual meeting of Iran University,Medical Sciences, 17-20 Mar, 2004, Tehran - Iran, 


Lecture and workshopabout stapling technique in lower G.I.tract surgeries, in Iranian associationof surgeons, 2002, Tehran - Iran,


Workshop & lectureabout stapling technique in colo-Rectal surgeries, Phirozgar general Hospitalwith Ian Finley from Glasgow - England, 1999,


Training course aboutDynamic Graciloplasty, Hazrat-e-Rasoul medical center, Tehran - Iran, 5Nov,2002, with proff, Klaus Eberhard Matzel, from Germany,


Medical sphincterotomywith Botolinum toxin in treatment of chronic anal fissure, in 8th Asianfederation of coloproctology congress, Nov, 2-4, 2002, Tehran - Iran,


Appandecostomy and largebowel antgrade irrigation as a reliable technique for improving the quality oflife in stomates.8th Asian Federation of Coloproctology Congress, Nov, 2-4,2002, Tehran - Iran,


Less complications inthe treatment of chronic anal fissure by using topical Diltiazem.EACP fourthscientific and Annual General Meeting, Sitges, Spain, 18-20 sept, 2003,


Participated in surgicalconvention in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A, Oct 1985, 


Participated in 3thMediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Congress, Oct 22-25,2003,  Istanbul - Turkey,


Participated in paneldiscussion as Moderator in laparoscopic surgeries in 3th Mediterranean &Middle Eastern Endoscopic surgery Congress, 22-25 Oct, Istanbul - Turkey,


Participated in workshopand lecture in mini- invasive hemorrhoid therapy with Hemoron (Ultroid) inPrag-CZ, 2003, 


Participated in EuropeanAssociation of coloproctology, 5th scientific and Annual Meeting, Geneva,Switzerland, 16-18 september 2004, and lecture about: Appendecostomy and bowelantgrade irrigation for improving the quality of life in stomate, either abdominalor perineal, 


Tripartite colorectalmeeting: 5-7 July 2005 at the Royal Dublin Society, Dublin and lecture about:Anatomical evaluation of perineum with fistula by MRI,


Second joint meeting,European Council of Coloproctology and European Association of Coloproctologyin association with Italian Society of Colo-Rectal Surgery, Bologna, Italy15-17 September 2005, lecture about: Delorme's operation in treatment of rectalprolapse,


Participated in Worldcongress of Gasdtroentrology, Montreal Canada, September 10-14, 2005,


Participated inESCP,first scientific and Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal 2005, 


Participated in ESCP,third scientific and Annual Meeting, Nant, France, 2007, 


Participated in ESCP,5th,Scientific and Annual Meeting, Sorrento, Italy 2010 and Lecture about STARRoperation, first experience in Iran,


,Participated inInnovation in colo-rectal surgery, in Berlin, Germany, 2010



:Journals and Papers


*R.AziziM.D,Sh.Eslami,M.D;comparison of the therapeutic effects of 25U and 50 U dosesof Botulinum toxin in Chronic anal Fissure, 
Journal of IranUniversity of Medical Sciences, vol10, Number38. Extra2. 2004,


*R.Azizi, M.D;Lipoma ofRectum producing Intussusception: Report of a case,  
Annals of Iranian Medicine;vol1, number1, summer2004,


*R.Azizi MD, Z.ZarghamieFard MD,

Comparison of surgicalmethod with Rubber band ligation method in treatment of Internal Hemorrhoid, 
Annals of IranianMedicine; vol2, number4, spring2005,


*R.Azizi, MD ; R.SetarehShenas, MD ; K.Hossini, MD ; Y.Shafaee Khanghah, MD ; Abdominal Wall Tumor withpathology of Sarcomatoid Transitional Cell Carcinoma Originating from Urachus:A case Report And Literature Review, 
Journal of IranianUniversity of Medical Sciences; vol13, number50, spring2006,


*Azizi R. MD, JamshidiA. MD, Taghipour M. MD, Effect of Antibiotic Prophilaxis in preventing woundinfection in elective clean surgical procedures, 
Iranian Journal ofSurgery, Vol.15, No.1, 2007,


*Azizi R. MD, Mahjobi B.MD, Zahedi L. MD, Rubber Band Ligation in Treatment of internal Hemorrhoid,Study and Assessment of the Results in 50 Patients. 
Iranian Journal ofSurgery, Vol.15, No.4, 2008,


*Azizi R. MD, SalimzadehJ. MD, Moradi M. MD, Post-operative Pain management of Colorectal Surgeries:Comparison of the Effect of Parenteral Pethidine and Sublingual Buprenorphinein Hazrat Rasoul Hospital,

The Quarterly IranianJournal of Surgery. Vol.17,No.1, 2009,


*Azizi R. MD, Daneshpageuh MM. MD, Zahedi Shoolami L. MD, Stapling Hemorrhoidopexy, initialexperience in Iran,

Shiraz E-MedicalJournal, Vol.10, No.1, January 2009,


*Azizi R. MD, BehzadRabani Karizi. MD, Mohammad Ali Taghipour. MD, Comparison between Ultroid andRubber Band Ligation in Treatment of internal Hemorrhoid, 

ACTA MEDICA, TehranUniversity, July 2010,



A submucosal fecal massas the complication of stapled hemorrhoidopexy:

A case report ,

Rasoul Azizi, SamanSotoudehnia, Afshin Heidari, Leila Zahedi-Shoolami,

Iran University ofMedical Science, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Surgery Department, Colorectal Unit,Tehran, Iran,

International journal ofsurgery case report2 (2011)109-110,


Malignant fibroushistiocytoma of rectum: 
Report of a case

Rasoul Azizi-a, Bahar Mahjoubi-a, Nasrin Shayanfar-b, Fakhryalsadat Anaraki-c, Leila Zahedi-Shoolami-d

a- Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery,Department of Surgery, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Tehran, Iran,

b- Division of Anatomic Pathology, Department of Pathology,Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Tehran, Iran,

c- Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery,Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Tehran, Iran,

d- Iran University of Medical Sciences and HealthServices, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Tehran, Iran,

international journal ofsurgery case report2(2011)111-113,


Evaluation of LIFT(ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract) for treatment of complex Fistulain-ano as  sphincter saving technique,

Azizi R, MD, Behboo R,MD, Anaraki F, MD, Bijari A, MD, 

Department of colorectalsurgery, Rasool Akram hospital, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 


Pseudocontinent PerinealColostomy with Appendicostomy, A new approach in low rectal cancer treatment,


Rasoul Azizi MD, - 1;Mina Alvandipour MD, - 2; Leila Zahedi-Shoolami MD, - 3;

1-   Colorectal surgeon, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Hazrat-e-RasoulHospital, Surgery Department, Colorectal Unit, Tehran - Iran,

2-   Colorectal Surgeon, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Hazrat-e-RasoulHospital, Surgery Department, Colorectal Unit, Tehran - Iran,

3-   General practitioner & Researcher, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Surgery Department, Colorectal Unit, Tehran - Iran,


;Trends in SurgicalTreatment of Pilonidal Sinus Diseases

?Primary Closure or Flap

Letter to editor, worldjournal of surgery

Rasoul Azizi, MD, MahdiAlamrajabi


Low diagnostic values ofultrasonography and negative

appendectomy: still amajor problem in university hospitals

Rasoul Azizi 1, NeginFarsi 2, Tahmineh Motevasseli 3,

Seyed-MohammadFereshtehnejad 4, Abdoreza Khatami 5


Gastrointestinal &Liver Disease Research Center, Firoozgar Clinical Research Development Center ,Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran,

Received: 18 May 2010,Revised: 21 August 2010, Accepted: 31 August 2010,

Medical journal of theIslamic republic of Iran, Vol.24,no.4, February 2011,200-207,


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